Using non GoPro videos in GoPro Quik

Since I’m a lazy guy I’ve been using GoPro Quick quite a bit which has worked out good so far and I’ve really enjoyed. I recently got myself a DJI Mavic Air and I produced a bit of footage with it too.

However I also wanted to import my drone videos into GoPro Quik because it makes it very easy turning a few clips into a short and nicely looking video. Sadly it only offers to import videos originating from GoPro itself.

I figured there are not so many ways the software could check if a given file was originating by a GoPro or not. So I got to poke around and after a bit I found a solution which works on all my current video files.

If you run the following ffmpeg command on any DJI video (its probably working for iPhone or Android videos too) it adds the magic field that Quik looks for and happily imports the video.

ffmpeg -i dji-video.mp4 \
       -map_metadata \
       -1 \
       -codec copy \
       -metadata:s handler="GoPro AVC encoder" \
       -metadata:s handler_name=" GoPro AVC" \

Have fun creating content and happy to see your results

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